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About Us

TechConnect was setup by veterans of the tech support industry who saw a need for a quality computer support service without users having to wait for a technician to arrive or having to lug their computer to their local computer store. We thought there must be an easier, quicker and less expensive way to get computer problems solved. This idea was the genesis of TechConnect.

TechConnect is Ireland’s first dedicated online computer repair and support service. With most computer users now using fast broadband and remote login software almost perfected – remote support is one of the most economical and quickest ways of solving your computer problems.

Our technicians work with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Who uses TechConnect online pc repair and technical support service?

  • Everyday computer users who use their PC’s for work and play.
  • Homeworkers who need reliable, fast and affordable computer support.
  • Telecommuters who work from home a few days a week but still need reliable computer support.
  • Start-up owners and their employees who previously might have had access to a dedicated I.T. department when working for a larger organisation. With TechConnect online computer support - you can have your own I.T. department again!
  • Businesses who want fast and reliable computer support whilst minimising downtime. We support devices that may not be supported by traditional I.T. departments.
  • Businesses that have remote employees working on the road, at home or in branch offices that need fast and reliable computer support.

Our Service Guarantee to You.

  • Easy to understand technicians.
  • Competent technicians who can solve your problems fast
  • Predictable and Affordable Pricing

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