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PC Tune-Up

A slow PC can be frustrating to use. Even the simplest task becomes arduous to perform.


We offer an online PC speed-up service to help make your PC go faster.

  • Remote removal of unwanted or unnecessary program files that might be slowing down your system
  • Expert online removal of viruses and malware (which can cause a huge lag on your CPU cycles)
  • Scan for “runaway processes” caused by corrupt program files. These can eat into your CPU power and slow down your PC to a crawl.
  • Using our remote support tools we can perform a computer health check to make sure that your PC is running optimally.
Tune Up

A PC which has been tuned-up will:

  • Run programs and applications faster and more reliably.
  • Be more stable to use
  • Be able to browse the internet quicker.
  • Experience less crashes.

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