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Blue Screen Problems


Blue Screen problems can be a frustrating problem for Windows users.

Blue screens (or BSOD’s as they are colloquially known) usually occur intermittently and can be difficult for the average computer user to diagnose and fix.

Our technicians have years of experience in diagnosing and resolving Blue Screen issues. Fixing Windows Blue Screen issues – some questions to help you diagnose the problem:

  • Is there any pattern to your Blue Screen problem occurring?
  • Have you installed any new hardware or software recently?
  • Is the Blue Screen the only problem you are experiencing with your PC or have you noticed other problems develop with your system lately?
  • Are you getting the same error message on the Blue Screen each time or does a different one appear each time?
  • Have you analysed your memory dump files to see if they might indicate a possible cause?

Blue Screens problems can have many causes. These include:

  • Out-of-Date drivers – For example, an out-of-date device driver running on a newer version of Windows might cause your computer to Blue Screen. To fix this issue, make sure that all your hardware devices are using up-to-date drivers.
  • Incompatible Drivers can also cause Blue Screens. Make sure you are using compatible drivers.
  • Corrupt Software – Third-party software which has gone corrupt will often cause Blue Screens.
  • Defective computer hardware can also cause Blue Screens. Make sure that you perform diagnostics on your RAM and hard drive.
  • Defective or incompatible peripheral devices can also cause Blue Screens. For example, a failing external hard drive or a defective USB key drive can cause your PC to Bluescreen.

Call us today and our technicians will help you diagnose and fix your Blue Screen problem online.

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