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The Revenue Online or ROS service is one of the most popular ways in which Irish businesses file their tax returns electronically.

ROS is based on the Java platform and can be run from most major internet browsers.

For ROS to work well, please make sure your set-up fulfils the following criterion:

1) You should have your ROS certificates installed on the root of your hard drive.

For Windows Users this is: C:\ROS\Roscerts

For Mac Users this is: <USERNAME>ROS>Roscerts

2) Your internet browser cache should be clean.

3) You must have an up-to-date version of Java installed on your computer.

4) Java must be enabled on your PC.

However, even with all the above steps completed, some users will still have a problem logging onto If so, we can help.

If you need online ROS support, contact TechConnect to-day on 01-685 4838.


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