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Online Virus and Malware Removal


Is your PC behaving strangely? Is your PC going slower than usual? Do you suspect that your PC has become infected with a virus?

We offer an advanced online virus and malware removal service. Our service includes:

  • Complete removal of all malicious threats
  • Complete removal of unwanted pop-ups.
  • Complete removal of root-kits and malware
  • Clean-out of temporary file caches (common hiding places for viruses and malware)
  • Install of quality anti-virus software to help you prevent re-infection.

Can all viruses be removed online?

Most viral and malware infections can be removed online. Unfortunately, viruses and malware infections that prevent your PC from booting up in normal (or safe) mode cannot be removed online.


How did I get infected, I have Norton (McAfee, AVG) installed on my PC?

While Norton and McAfee anti-virus packages are very popular in Ireland among general computer users, they do not protect you from everything. Recent studies have shown that the five best-selling anti-virus products on the market today have an average detection rate of only 78 per cent.


Best Practice Virus and Malware Removal Tips

Always make sure that you clean out your temporary internet cache files before you start the virus removal process. These are favourite hiding places for viruses and malware.

Make sure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date before you start the scan. If you anti-virus software does not run properly; it could be a virus or malware that is causing this. Many viral and malware processes are designed to cripple internet security software.

Turn off System Restore – This is often used by virus writers as a way to re-infect a cleaned system.


Virus and Malware Prevention Tips

Your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc) is one of your first lines of defence. Make sure you are using the latest browser version available.

Make sure you have software like Java, Shockwave, Flash and Adobe Reader fully updated. These can be “backdoors” for viruses.

In your internet browser settings, make sure that there are no proxy servers are enabled.

Uninstall any peer-to-peer file sharing applications from your PC such as Utorrent or Bearshare.

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