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Remote Mac Support


We offer a full remote Mac support service. We can help you with:

  • Remote Software Installation
  • Remote Mac Speed-Up
  • Remote iPad Support
  • Remote iPhone Support
  • Remote help connecting you to Wireless Broadband
  • Remote help with Mac Email Problems
  • Remote help with Mac File Permissions
  • Remote help with Restoring old files from Backup
  • Remote repair of Corrupt System and Preference Files

We perform Mac remote support for most versions of Apple operating system including:

  • Tiger (10.4)
  • Leopard (10.5)
  • Snow Leopard (10.6)
  • Lion (10.7)
  • Mountain Lion (10.8)
  • Mavericks (10.9)
  • And iOS 4, 5, 6 and 7 for iPad and iPhone

Apple Mac Problems and Solutions

spinning beachballCommon Problem # 1: Dealing with the “spinning beachball” and Slow Mac Problems

Experiencing the “spinning beachball” or “spinning disc pointer” on a Mac system can be annoying. It can be and indication of a hardware or software problem.

Here are a few tips to troubleshoot the “spinning beachball” problem:

  • Try installing network connection monitoring software such as Little Snitch on your Mac to see if outbound network connections are causing the problem.
  • If your using Mac OS X firewall, enable firewall logging.
  • Sometimes a “spindump” file will be created in Macintosh HD>Library>Logs>HangReporter folder. This can sometimes help in the diagnosis of the problem.
  • If you experience the spinning beachball a lot whilst browsing the internet try clearing your browser’s cache. In Safari, using the main menu bar at the top, simply go to Safari and then Empty Cache.

PrinterCommon Mac Problem # 2: “I cannot print from my Mac”

Check the obvious first

  • Check that the printer’s USB or Ethernet cable is seated properly.
  • If you are connected to your printer via WiFi – make sure that your printer has successfully joined your wireless network.

Checking other Mac Printer Settings

  • If you share a printer over the network, go to System Preferences on the Mac which is hosting the printer and look at the Sharing preference pane. Confirm that Printer Sharing is enabled.
  • Now go to the Print and Fax preference pane and make sure that “share this printer on the network” option is ticked.
  • If you are printing to an Airprint-enabled printer – make sure that you have the correct IP address of the printer. This can usually be obtained by printing out a Network Configuration Page.

Other Mac Printing Tips

Even though your Mac has hundreds of printer drivers already preinstalled; sometimes the drivers downloaded directly from your printer manufacturers website work best.

Some HP printers are not supported by Mac OS X v10.6 and upwards. The full list of unsupported printers can be viewed here:

Common Mac Problem # 3 – Dealing with File Permission Errors in Mac

ealing with File Permission Errors in Mac

Having restricted access to folders and files on your Mac or Mac storage device can be frustrating. Mac-based operating systems can sometimes be very fussy about file permissions. If you’re having trouble accessing files or folders due to permission issues, we have compiled a short troubleshooting to help you.

  1. To view or change file permissions in Mac, you must be logged in under the root or administrator account.
  2. Select the file which you are denied access to. Then go to File > Get Info.
  3. Make sure that your user account is set to “read and write” privileges.
  4. If it is not, at the bottom right of the information box, you will see an icon of a padlock. Click on it. This should ask you for your password. After you have entered your password – the lock should unlock and you can set the privileges to “read and write”.
  5. 5) If you can access some folders perfectly but not others – a handy tip is to compare and contrast file permissions. Mac OS X allows you to open multiple info windows at the same time. This is a handy way to compare and contrast permissions provided by different items.

Common Mac Problem # 4 – Email Problems

Email ProblemsWe can fix common Mac email problems online with the following email clients:

  • Mail
  • Office for Mac
  • Thunderbird

We provide remote support for most email providers and domains including:


Common Email Problem – “I cannot receive email on my Mac using Mac OS X Mail”

  1. Run Connection Doctor to verify that your mail client is syncing with your ISP.
  2. If the Connection Doctor reveals an authentication error – you may need to remove keys associated with your email account from Keychain Access.
  3. Try using your ISP’s POP (e.g. server to receive email.
  4. Change the security setting of your outbound email. For example, sometimes changing the security level to non-SSL can resolve the problem.

Common Email Problem – “I cannot send email on my Mac”

  1. Make sure that you are using the correct SMTP outbound mail server.
  2. Try changing your port server settings. Sometimes using a different port other than port 25 can solve this problem.
  3. If you are using Gmail (in Outlook, Mail or Thunderbird) – set the outbound server as
  4. Try to temporarily disable connection security i.e. disable SSL or TLS.

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